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Household Goods & Commercial storage facility in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR is available at "Economical  & Reasonable price".


Professional Movers & Packers Bangalore SAFE STORAGE SERVICES is secure storage space provider with state of the art storage & warehousing facilities in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and NCR Area, offering exclusive storage and warehousing solutions ranging from Household items & goods storage, industrial and commercial goods and Records storage management services, Cars Bikes and Automobile storages. If you are traveling for a short term project work or relocating for a longer period for overseas assignment, renovating your house and looking for storage space on rental for your households and automobiles, WE ARE THE ANSWER.

As Real estate prices in Bangalore and other major Indian metros are increasingly getting expensive  so individuals and businesses alike are re-evaluating how they currently utilize their work or living spaces. Lot of unusable and unused goods, decearese in workforce or strategic reorientation and recaliberation of work floor can cause a mess and reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of work/living areas – clutter kills efficiency, creates hindrancend quality of life. We help resolve this issue by providing a safe, convenient, effective, and afordable warehousing and storage solutions. 

Household Goods storage

Professional Movers Packers Bangalore provides secure, nominal warehousing and storage solutions for Household goods and personal goods, from few boxes to complete homes. Self storage rooms to wooden box storage.

Document Storage

Professional Movers and packers provides records management services for professionals and small businesses for the safe and secure storage of official files and documents, including filing, backend support & management software.

Bussiness Storage

Secure storage and warehousing options for small and medium enterprises for IT equipements, distribution & supply chain management, intracirty delivery and inventory storage  & management.

Automobile Storage

Professional packing and movers bangalore provides safe, covered storage warehouse for short term / long term parking of personal vehicles and Cars. We ensure timely maintenance, minimum running & regular cleaning.


Professional Express Movers packers Bangalore has been providing storage and warehousing facility for over 3 decades now, mostly for Household and Personal goods. All these years our satisfied customers would request services for commercial goods warehousing and industrial services but Best packers movers bangalore was more focussed on its core competency of Packing and Movers Services for Local, Domestic and Worldwide movers services. 

In 2015, we started a seperate division for warehousing and storage solutions. Our operational storage facilities are located at multiple locations in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, NCR and Mumbai and currently in process of expanding the services to other cities like Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Jaipur in the next phase. 

Our expertise and services include

  • Clean, Safe warehousing facilities with multiple storage plans to choose from

  • 24 /7 physcially manned facility

  • Barcode tracking for inventory and stored goods

  • CCTV Monitoring & biometric entry systems to prevent unauthorized entry

  • Fire Control system installed and functional

  • Regular and periodic Pest Control and Fumigation

  • Covenient locations with most warehousing facility in the city areas

  • Pickup and Drop facilities - door pickup and door delivery services

  • Goods completely insured for fire, theft, damages and other insecurities.

  • Experienced Movers packers services for packing, delivery, unpacking, refixing of goods.


Your guys helped me in retaining my valuable goods during my onsite travel to the US. Never thought Bangalore had such a service. Thanks Guys.

Rajesh Sharma

Manager, Intel Corp. Bangalore

Professional Express Movers helped me store my household goods at Mumbai for 3 years. The goods were safe and completely goods condition on my return.

R. Venkataramana

VP, Deloitte.  Mumbai

Professional Express Movers helped me in a difficult situation by providing storage of our household goods when my house wasn't ready to occupy when I moved to Bangalore.

Lalit Maharishi

Project Manager, Infosys. Bangalore

The storage facility at Bangalore is great. Its safe, accessible and very convenient. I stored my goods during renovation of individual house and the service was great.

Ranjit Singh

CEO, Avira Tech. Bangalore


There a multiple reasons that makes us one of the Best Movers packers & Warehousing Companies in Bangalore. And most important of those is our customer centric approach, our 3 decades of experience and our reasonable packers movers charges.

Our expertise and out-of-box customized warehousing solutions provides number of services that will bring down your existing costs, but also increase employee efficiency and streamline your distribution network. Our trained and experienced team is fully dedicated to provide our valued customers a level of customised warehousing solutions thats exactly what you need and deserve. We understand the processess and intracracies associated with logistics, Movers packers services, Warehousing and supply chain management.

Some of the excellent services that we can offer you include;

  • Facilities specifically designed to cater for individual customers, professionals and corporate needs.

  • Slip Sheeting in addition to the standard wooden pallet method of transportation.

  • Container de-stuffing, which means we are able to take a container of loose items and palletise ready for distribution onwards

  • Fulfilment and kitting services

  • Contract packing & product customising

  • Quality inspection

As well as these key services that we can offer, we are a company designed to work with you, and for you

We are adaptable in the levels of warehousing and fulfilment that we can provide you and will work with you to assess your warehousing and distribution needs.

If you are looking for a warehousing business that can offer you more then just an empty space then you need to talk to a warehousing logistics expert, and call Professional Express Movers Bangalore today.











Relocation of Home / office comes up with multiple unplanned contingencies and some of which may require warehousing of household goods. 

You move to the new city and the house is not ready to be occupied. Or while changing jobs and relocating to a new city, you get a few days break and want to visit you family or go for a vacation so you keep the stuff in the warehsoue during that time and set your home once you are back. 

While moving, a self-storage and warehousing facility can act as the ideal midpoint between your old home/ office and your new one.


Professional Express Movers Bangalore provides top-quality warehouses in India, can be this midpoint and help to ease and smooth out the moving process and give you that peace of mind.

You can use our warehouse facility at Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, NCR to store your household goods while relocating to ease the process. It helps you in many ways:


Dispose unwanted stuff and Declutter

As you plan the moving process, lot of unwanted presently unusable stuff starts coming out from the lofts or bed storage or garage. A baby pram or kids cycle no longer usable or a Sofa which doesn't fit in the new house.  You find articles to get rid of, and things that you don’t know what to do with; if you can’t immediately find a way to dispose of them or sell them at short notice and here is when our warehouse services, individual rooms come to your rescue. 

By putting the extra household goods safely in storage, you get time and liberty to sell the goods at a time of your choosing and at the best prices.  On top of it, they won’t take up space in your new home while you await their selling. 


If your home or office space is what you’ll be selling, then having your belongings in self-storage will give buyers the chance to properly analyze the area and allow you the luxury of not feeling rushed to sell your valuables at a severly discounted rate.  Self-Storage India facilities allow you the time to advertise and sell your items in accordance to their value.

You can keep the unwanted stuff in the warehouse until you find a buyer or someone you can donate the stuff.


Unpacking, Rearranging after the Move 

If you are moving large volume of goods, its quite a job to get the stuff unpacked, clean it dustfree and rearrange. You may need time and patience to unpack the goods, clean them and find the best place to place them. If all the goods are unloaded at you new house and with boxes, furniture and other stuff scattered all over the place, it becames quite difficult to set the house in order.  

Wareshousing services for household goods in Bangalore provides an great alternative to ease the situation. You can get the goods delivered in parts as per your needs and convenience and keep the other stuff in storage. 


You can send off the items that you want to unpack later to the self-storage facility and only take the essential ones to your new home. Slowly, you can begin retrieving them as your new/ dream home begins to take shape. There is no rush. 


Professional Express Movers storage facilities are secure and maintain a level of confidentiality which provides customers a sense of ease when leaving their valuables with us.


For all of these reasons and more, Professional Express Movers Packers Bangalore is a great choice when trying to downsize, shift or combine households,


Renovation and repair of dwelling units and homes is something we all need to do some point in our life, and most of us really want it too. It helps in beautifying the place and keeping the home / office in good condition, the process is really messy, time and energy consuming.


It becomes neccessary that household goods should be removed from the house during the renovation process else the entire home turns into a cluttered playground with dust motes flying in the air.   With workmen walking in and out, the drilling and hammering going on all over, with materal and other stuff lying around, it becames prudent that the place is empty of household goods so that goods are safe and there is enough space for the workmen to do their job. 

Expensive showpieces and important documents, high end electronic stuff, computer systems and IT eqipments is at a risk of getting damaged. 


Other time, the work may get delayed than anticipated due to agreement problems or seasonal changes. The wrong tiles, furniture installation, and drying time for paints and whitewash can all set you back.


Professional Express Movers Warehousing solutions comes with a effective and dependable storage arrangement to help you to make the process smoother and reduce the risks involved.


Overall, a warehousing of household goods and office goods will buy you peace of mind and the assurance that your items are safe and accessible. You can focus on the renovation project at hand without worrying about your valuables that might get damaged.     Use the form below or the given numbers to find out more and book a space for yourself.

Excess Inventory - Managing your Bussiness & Inventory

In the constantly changing bussiness environment and changing consumer patterns, it becomes neccessary to manage and have constant inventory. While the manufacturing units are at specific locations and the goods are distributed at near and far-off locations, its became prudent that that excess inventory is stored near to the place of distribution so that delivery time is fast and customers have easy and fast access whenever they require them.

Bussinesses don't have those huge spaces to hold the inventory in large volumes. In such a scneario, holding excess inventory at third party warehouse in more productive.

We provide warehousing for excess inventory and also arrange for distribution logistics. Our inventory management software will provide real-time inventory data to e


In the absence of a self-storage unit, you’ll be utilizing your office space to store paperwork, new office furniture, samples, supplies, and excess inventory. All of the materials mentioned above become stored in an inefficient and disorganized manner in many office spaces.  As time goes on and work continues, many offices have expanded the requirements of the items needed for their business needs.


We offer individual private rooms and lockers of difference sizes which was CCTV monitored, Have biometric access system installed and digital locker system to ensure complete confidentiality and safety of stored goods. Important files and documents, agreements, high value goods can be stored safely. 

These warehousing units are convenient private office spaces at very reasonable and competitive costs. Professional Express Movers Bangalore provides all the safety and security features to keep the goods in best condition.

CALL US to know more about Commercial warehousing. 

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