Shifting Homes and household goods is as such a difficult, cumbersome and time-consuming, and the difficulty becomes even more so if you plan to pack and move home yourself. To take that moving chip off your shoulder, Professional packers movers Bangalore is here with its office in ITPL, Whitefield to assist you in planning and executing the relocation process, professionally and safely. Whether its a office or a home move within IPTL or some other area in Whitefield or anywhere in Bangalore or India, we have the process, people and resources to ensure a timely and safe packers movers services in Whitefield, Bangalore. We are offering our customers an online platform consisting of best and most reliable packers and movers in Whitefield, Bangalore so that customers moving from here can make their move easy and comfortable.

“Moving interstate to from Bangalore to Aizwal has usually been a nightmare! Have moved thrice in last 15 years in this sector and suffered a pathetic services everytime, I was skeptical this time too.  Thankfully the team at Professional packers movers Bangalore and their Whitefield office made the entire process a breeze. Friendly, professional and understanding  teammade moving house simple and stress free. Being  a long journey, they updated me every 2 days about the progress and arranged superb team for unloading and unpacking of goods. Interestingly, this is the first time i received the goods before time. Would recommend highly!”


17 Dec 2020

“Efficient service and superb communication and did everything they said they were going to do. The packing and moving team at our whitefield house was outstanding – he realised that there were two people in this move, myself and my husband – and dealt with us together throughout the process. I’ve always been told that moving interstate or internationally is an emotionally draining experience, but it’s not until you go through it that you realise how difficult it is. A credit to Professional packers movers bangalore and the team for making us feel comfortable and looked after the whole way through.”

Gina Patricia

21 Feb 2021

“We relocated a 3BR house and car from Whitefield to Hyderabad. The whole process from making initial contact to the delivery was absolutely flawless. The packing and removal team were fantastic and took good care of our items. Our expensive personal stuff and other items arrived on-time and intact. The pickup and delivery was all done in a timely fashion. I’ll certainly recommend Home packers movers Whitefield to my contacts and wouldn’t hesitate to use your services again. The price was competitive too, compared to 2 other major players in the removal industry and surprisingly no hidden or last minute charges. Truly a 5 star service! thank you“

Deepak Jalan

25 Jan 2019

Whitefield Packers and Movers - Finding Best Moving Companies

So Finally you are relocating your home or office to a new location and that makes your really excited. The excitement of going to a new location, a new surrounding giving with a completely different vibes, meeting new people giving u new perspective and understanding of life and a flow of new energy in your work and personal life, once again. Those are all the good things about moving and relocations. Then there the other side of moving, the hard and difficult side which bring stress along with it. From the time when you have decided to relocate your place, you must have gone through mixed emotions that are a blend of the sadness of relocating your current place leaving behind friends, neighbors and so many memories attached to them, a feeling of happiness and excitement of  going to a new place and meeting new people and exciting new opportunities then, of course, the stress because of the strenuous, time consuming packing moving process.

To find a genuine, safe and licensed packers and movers in Whitefield, Bangalore is one of the major tasks to save yourself from hassles while packing and shifting process which allows your to breathe easy and provide a stress free, timely and safe packers movers services in Bangalore.  Professional Packers Movers Bangalore will provide you the assistance in which they will manage and handle everything related shifting and relocating your Home, Office and Factory. We are professional experts in packing and relocation services and know our job is and dedicate our time, energy and expertise so that our customers can have the best relocation experience within a reasonable budget. Packers Movers Whitefield have been providing professional moving services in bengaluru since 1996 with multiple offices.


So, if you are planning to relocate your place from Whitefield, Bangalore to another place in Bangalore or relocating office in ITPL and looking for a genuine moving company, then you can surely go with a wide range of We offer all the moving services like packing and unpacking of all the households and office goods with the good quality of the packing material so that they do not get damaged during the transit process, loading and unloading process so that all the items can be loaded in the vehicle properly maintaining the balance of the vehicle, plants and pets relocation services, car & bike relocation services, storage & warehousing services, and even goods insurance services as well.

Movers Packers in Whitefield, Bangalore. Best Relocation Companies Whitefield.

How to Choose Packers & Movers Whitefield

Hire the best and professional packers and movers in Whitefield for a smooth, cheap and best packers and movers in Bangalore. Be assured that you get services that you pay for.

  1. Trusted & Verified:

    Full verification, documentation and valid license holder packers and movers Whitefield with expertise in Household and Office Relocation Services.

  2. Offer Economical Prices:

    Whitefield packers and movers provide top-notch packing and moving services at budget-friendly, cheap and reasonable prices.

  3. Use Best Quality Packing Materials:

    Our professional packers and movers in Whitefield use ISO Certified superior quality packing materials to ensure safe packing of goods.

  4. Safe Transportation:

    Our packers and movers in Whitefield make sure that your goods reach their final destination on time, safe and in perfect condition.

Whitefield Packers and Movers - Moving Tips & Resources

There are some basic things that should be kept in mind at the time of dealing with the moving service providers so that you get the best experience of relocating your place and that too without any stress and anxiety and also, without going high on the budget. Since there are all kind of companies from multinational corporations, Indian Transport companies and very local packers movers companies, all providing different level of services at a range of prices, the customer need to be very careful before choosing a moving packers company in Whitefield. To make this simple for you, here are some tips listed below that will be helpful in hiring the best moving company.

So, do check them out before starting your search for the genuine and trusted moving companies:

  • The first priority as you start looking for Household Goods shifting companies in Whitefield should be reference from Family and friends. Always ask and give priority to the references and recommendations from your family, friends or colleagues who have moved before and have availed packers and movers services. References are the most preferred to validate the credibility of packers and movers since those have already been used and tested. Also, Since the moving companies in Whitefield are known to your contacts, its always easy to discuss and negotiate the services and prices. It also helps to have a known packing moving company since there are lot of unexpected situations that may arise while packing, transportation and delivery.

  • It always advisable to get quotes and prices from multiple companies, atleast 3-4 companies. The shortlisted moving companies in Whitefield should be in the same price and service bracket so that you are sure of comparing equals. Check the quotes for services offered, prices quoted and terms and conditions. Also confirm if there are any variable charges which may be applicable.

  • For comparison, you can also check the online reviews and ratings of the moving company in Whitefield to have a better idea about how other customer rate them for their services. These online and social media reviews will also give you negotiation points and better understanding of Home packers movers companies in Whitefield.

  • Now, after selecting the best moving company for your move, it is recommended to make a detailed list of all the inventories that are to be relocated from the old location to the new one so that you can have a clear idea about the items that you want to keep and that you want to discard. Inventory or list of goods is very important and make sure that you share the complete list of goods with the moving company since the quotation is based on the list of goods to be moved. Any change in number or volume of goods during the moving process will increase the cost associated.

  • After the items are decided, the next step to be taken is to pack all the items. And, for this, make sure that the company is using good quality packing supplies so that the items do not get damaged during the transit.

  • At last, make sure that you avail good insurance service as well so that if in case any of your items get damaged or lost during the transit, you can also for the compensation from the moving company.

Professional packers & movers Whitefield provides professional, customized and secure packing & forwarding services for individuals, business and governments for relocations of household goods and personal effects, office equipment & furniture, data storage devices, servers, car and personal vehicle transportation services, fragile goods, electrical and electronic goods etc.

  • Domestic \ Nationwide relocation services.

  • Corporate sponsored employee relocation.

  • Office Shifting and Relocations in Whitefield

  • International removals to 145 countries to over 1800 locations.

  • Local Packing moving services Whitefield

  • Sea Frieght \ Air Frieght \ Land Transportation

  • Custom Clearance and other Documentations.

  • Pet Relocations

  • Cars & Personal Vehicle Transportation

  • Commercial & Parcel bookings

  • Warehousing \ Storage Services Whitefield

  • Import & Export

  • Transportation Services

  • Transit Insurance assistance

  • Export Quality packing

  • Refrigerated Vans & Containers

  • Computer & IT Equipment Moving

Competitive Pricing 
We offer the MOST value and service for your transportation rupee – and we guarantee it. Movers packers Whitefield will analyze other quotes with you to ensure an “apples-to-apples” comparison for your move services and costs. After this careful study, we guarantee our prices will meet or beat any competitor.

Our Full Cargo Protection Plan
Local packers movers Whitefield provides relocation protection  & Insurance plan on every move. Our movers are trained to use extreme care and avoid damage to begin with. Our team is proud of a less than one percent claims ratio. This means with our movers, you have little or no chance of broken items.

Timely Service Assurance
After more than 15 years of performing office moves we have never missed a completed project timeline. If we say you’ll be moved in to your office on Monday morning, you can count on it, and we have accomplished this 100% of the time. Professional packers movers Whitefield services will get you up and running in the time we commit to – we guarantee it.

As you can see, our “cost” includes more value – just look at our guarantees. We give you more than our word, we give it to you in writing.

Office Shifting &  Relocation Service in Whitefield for All Businesses

The reason to choose Professional packers movers Whitefield for your office packing and moving service in Whitefield is quite simple and understandable. Office movers is an experienced and trustworthy company, established for 24 years, and with a great reputation of serving top IT and others companies in Bangalore. We make sure that your office furniture, IT equipment, Computers and Accessories and other stock and assets are  moved with minimum disruption to your business.

Professional Movers Packers Whitefield understands the priorities and critical issues to be taken care while moving office from one location to other. The two important issues to be taken care during office relocation process is time constraint and minimum loss to office work hours. We want you to know that we do everything we can to ensure that you have a smooth and timely relocation. Regardless of how many workstations and boxes there are to move, the job will be completed as per schedule. We coordinate with maintenance and facilities departments to plan the office moving process and execute it to perfection. Our network engineers amd moving team is expert in dismantling computer systems and IT Equipment, network switches, servers, UPS Systems, AC systems and moving them safely.

You can rely on us for your Office relocation in Whitefield needs. We offer additional services that you can opt for to make your entire moving process even less stressful and demanding for you. You can request us to bring moving boxes and materials, you can book a packing service and the movers will also pack your office equipment, then load and transport it to your new office. Or you can use our storage service if you have a gap between the two office spaces.

To plan and subsequently execute the Office packing and moving in Whitefield / ITPL in accordance with the client’s requirements,  Professional Express Movers packers Whitefield arranges a in-house survey of office,  discuss and map out the exact details of your office move. This allows us to understand fully the moving requirements of our clients, and to apply the necessary resources and equipment. Our move manager or move coordinator is one point contact for the office moving process. Although a Move Manager is not always necessary, we would certainly suggest it with a larger scale office move. Our project managers have an in depth knowledge and experience of office removals, and will surely help you plan and organize your relocation more efficiently.



Whitefield Office Movers - Dedicated to minimize relocation downtime & increase efficiency

Business or Office relocation is very different from any other move, its time-consuming and exhausting. The office movers in Whitefield, Bangalore specialize in loading and transporting equipment and stock to new premises as per the designated floor plan. We’ve designed a completely hassle-free commercial service to take away all the stress from Management team and ensures only supervisory work for clients office team, all else is taken care of by us:

  • After you've arranged a parking space near your company, we'll know exactly where to set up. It's important to arrange the parking on time because if the movers have to park far away from your property, they will lose more time, which may reflect on the price of the service.

  • Fragile boxes will be loaded separately with great care; We can do all of the packing for you, if you can't handle it, book our packing service. The movers know how to arrange the boxes in a safe way so they don't fall and break. The vans also have straps to ensure the secure transportation of your furniture and appliances.

  • We will dismantle and assemble the office furniture for you; Or if you need brand new office furniture, we can pick them up at the store, deliver and assemble the flat packs in your new office location.

  • We specialize in packing and wrapping for safe transportation; And we can deliver you sturdy packing boxes and materials to ensure the items' safe removals

  • Our moving service is volume based. We can also transport antiques, valuable art, and other commercial belongings.