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Bike Packing & Transport Services Bangalore

Bike & 2 Wheeler Packing & Transportation Services in Bangalore

Bikes and 2 Wheeler's transportation from Bangalore to different cities / states in India is mostly done by 2 modes - by road and by rail / train. We have a excellent and well qualified team of relocation experts to ensure your bike and two wheeler are transported safely and on time, and you don't have to worry a bit about your valuable asset. We follow well defined and documented SOP's and safety procedures to ensure safe, professional packing and transportation. Bikes are either transported as a part of Household goods consignment which makes the bike shifting process far easier and safer or as separate individual consignment if only bike or 2 wheeler is to be moved to a different city and not any other goods.

Professional Express packers movers BANGALORE also undertakes events, exhibition & excursion  projects for Bikes and 2 wheeler, from secure packing including wooden boxing, transportation, conducting exhibition or event and bringing it back.

Motorbike Packing Services

Safe and professional packing of Motorbikes / two wheeler and Bike by competent and expert packing professionals, using high quality and robust packing material to ensure that your valuable asset can sustain the rigorous shipping journey with a scratch or damage to its body. 

We offer different kinds of packing services for bikes based on requirements and usage like road transport worthy packing with bubble sheet and corrugated rolls. Wooden crate box packing for domestic and international relocation of high end valuable motorbikes / 2 wheeler / Bikes. Wooden crate boxing of bikes is different for domestic and international moving due to custom and regulatory requirements.

Road Transportation of Bikes / Motorcycles

Bike and 2 Wheeler transport by road typically refers to the transportation of motorcycles or motorbikes by Road Transport using a truck, containers, trailer, or other vehicles. This can include both short-distance and long-distance transport from Bangalore to another city or state for relocations.

There are several ways that motorcycles or Bikes can be transported by road transport:

  1. Towing: A motorbike can be towed behind a truck  or specialized flat bed towing vehicles or modified cranes. Towing is most appropriate option for short-distance transport or for moving a non-operational bikes. At most times, towing is an emergency option used for non-operational high end bikes.

  2. Closed Containers: An enclosed container is the most frequently used method for safe transportation of Bikes and Two wheeler for long distances, from Bangalore to different cities or states. Closed container vehicles are used to transport multiple bikes as one consignment or along with household goods and other material.

  3. Flatbed truck: Flatbed truck are specialized platformed vehicles with multiple and varied usages for Bike transport, mostly for short intercity distance or within city limits. Flatbed truck are mostly used as towing vehicles for non-operational bikes and motorcycles. These flatbed trucks are also used for bike exhibition and display purposes.

  4. Pickup truck: Pickup trucks are smaller size commercial vehicles used for local pickup and delivery of bikes. The are low bed vehicle so that bikes can be loaded and unloaded manually.

  5. Specialized Scooter body container vehicles: specialized double tier containerized or non-container commercial vehicles used for long distance transportation of bikes. These are mostly used by two wheeler and bike manufacturer in their supply chain for transporting bikes from manufacturing facility to showrooms and distributor's facility.  These are considered the most secure vehicles to transport bikes, have loading and unloading ramps.

Transportation of Bikes / Motorcycles by Rail / Train

Motorbikes and 2-Wheelers can be transported by Railways or Trains  as luggage or as a parcel package but it has few limitations such as last mile connectivity / door delivery and damages during transportation.

When booking as luggage, the bike is booked in the same train as the customers. Most passenger trains have dedicated parcel bogies which are used to transport parcels and luggage. The bike must be drained of fuel and properly packed before booking the bike at the railway station.

When bike or two wheeler is booked as a parcel, it is not required for the customer to travel along with his vehicle. The customer can pack the bike and take the bike at the parcel office along with necessary document. The bike will be transported as per the railways schedule and the customer can take the delivery at the destination station on producing the RR or Railway receipt. Railways charge warehousing charges if the vehicle is not collected within stipulated time.

Bike Transport by Railways is cheaper that other modes but it has 2 major constraints - safety and delivery. The customer has to take the bike to railways booking center, get the bike packed by himself and get the booking done. Delivery has to be taken from Railway station and there are no door deliveries available. The second issue is safety since the handling is done by railways loading / unloading staff and handling is not secure which may result in damages.

International Shipping of Bikes by Air or Sea

International Relocation is quite stressful, expensive and time consuming process but thanks to reputable and reliable international car moving companies like Professional Express Movers, that's not exactly the same with international shipment of Car and Personal vehicles. We are fully licensed and registered moving company certified with multiple organization, having extensive capabilities to ensure effortless international shipping services.

Main Factors that determine the cost of international shipping:

  • Model and the manufacturer. One of most determining factor is model, make and manufacturer. The bigger the vehicle, the more space it would require and the more expensive it will be to ship.

  • Shipping Distance. The The shorter the distance the less expensive it will be to ship your car internationally. This is because the number of miles traveled is factored in.

  • Type of travel. Shipping your car by plane will be infinitely more expensive than shipping your car by boat. Boat shipping also offers several options, some more cost-effective than others (more on that below).

  • Time of year. Weather conditions both in the U.S. and the country of destination matter, like the winter weather conditions or a threat of a hurricane during the hurricane season. If you are on a flexible timeline, we recommend trying different times of the year when you gather your shipping quotes to see if you can lower the cost that way.

  • Economy vs. expedited shipping. Economy shipping takes longer but then it’s less expensive. Using expedited shipping reduces the time on the boat by several weeks but costs more.

Other car shipping costs to consider

Make sure to budget for these additional line items when transporting a car to another country:

  • Marine insurance. It’s always a good idea to purchase supplemental insurance that will protect your car (or more specifically, your investment in your car) when it’s on the open water, even if your shipping company does not require that you do. Check with your existing car insurance policyholder to see if they offer marine insurance. Your shipping company may have it as an add-on option as well. Otherwise, purchase marine insurance from a third party.

  • Destination charges. Once your car arrives at the port of your new country it will have to be trucked off of the freight carrier and safely navigated through customs. You’ll need an agent to do this for you, since you’re not permitted to do it yourself. Most shipping companies hire agents at the port or can guide you in the right direction of where to hire one. Expect to spend another $500-$800 or so for the service.

  • Customs duty. Customs duty is a tax charged on items that are shipped internationally. You’ll need to check with the port of the country you’re moving to in order to find out what their customs fees are. Generally, this fee is calculated as a total percentage of the item’s value.

  • Additional taxes and fees. Sales tax, processing fees and other additional charges may apply when you transport a car overseas. Your shipping company may be able to give you an idea of what to expect, but keep some wiggle room in your budget just in case.

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