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Car Transportation Bangalore| Professional Movers Bangalore

Car Transport Services in Bangalore

Bike & 2 Wheeler Packing & Transportation

Professional Express Movers Packers offers extraordinary and curated logistic services for Car and Bike Transportation for nationwide transfers ensuring safe and timely transportation of your valuable personal vehicles.

Our Services include:

  • Nationwide Car Transportation

  • Bike Packing and Transport Services.

  • Door Pickup and Door Delivery

  • Car Transportation by Car Containers.

  • On Road Emergency Towing Services for Cars

  • Bike Transportation by Road and Railways

  • Car and Bike Storage for Short and Long duration.

  • Bike packing Services.

Professional Packers Movers Car Transportation

Covered Car Transport Bangalore – Closed Car Transportation Services All India

Professional Express Packers Movers Bangalore provides the car transportation services in all major city of India. Professional Express Movers provides safe, timely and professional door to door Car transportation services. The Car are transported through customized Car Container vehicles equipped with hydraulic loading and unloading ramps and wheel jammers. We  are associated with top rated car transportation firms that will help you make your movement easy and simple. We are committed to provide you best car transportation services and packers movers services in India. We understand you are going to shift from one place to another that does not mean to be stressful and tiresome.


Our Car Transportation and Packers Movers Services in Bangalore will help you in the whole episode and provide you a peace of mind. The best thing about using our service you will get free estimates for rate and charge, we are registered, insured, experienced and reputable. So, schedule your movement with us for hassle-free and execution of process. We keep your personal information to process your request only and keep them safe and secure.

Professional Express Packers Movers provides services for Intercity (Nationwide) and International Locations, Door to Door Services.

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Car Transportation  Services

Car Transporters in Bangalore
  • Secure Nationwide Car & Vehicle Transportation services. 

  • Door to Door transportation services.

  • Complete documentation and formalities.

  • Cars transported in customized closed car containers equipped with hydraulic loading unloading ramps and wheel jammers.

  • Complete pre-booking and pre-delivery checking and scanning of Cars to ensure you get the car as you give it to us. 

  • We take complete responsibility for dents, scratches, damages during transportation of Cars. *

Bike Transportation Services

Bike Transport Service Bangalore, Bike Transportation Bengaluru, Bike Packing & Transportation, Bike Packers Movers Bangalore, Bike Movers packers in Bangalore, two wheeler packers movers  in Bangalore
  • Nationwide / Intercity and International Relocation services for Bikes and 2-wheelers.

  • Services include secure packing, door to door delivery.

  • Transportation by Road and Train modes

  • Wooden crate packing for high end Bike for Intercity and International Relocations.

  • Complete transit documentation and formalities.

  • ISO Certified high quality packing material include packing bags, foam sheets, bubble sheets, strechfilm used for secure packing.

  • Completely safe and breakage free transportation guaranteed.

  • International Movers Bangalore

  • Packers Movers Bangalore

  • Corporate Relocations

  • Warehousing and Storage

  • Car & Vehicle Transportation

  • Intercity and Local Moves

  • Office Moving & Relocations

  • Household Goods Shifting

  • Packers Movers Bengaluru

  • Packers Movers MG Road

  • Packers Movers Kormangala

  • Packers Movers Whitefield

  • Packers Movers Marthahalli

  • Packers Movers Yehlanka

  • Packers Movers HSR Layout

  • Packers Movers Electronic City

  • Packers Movers Indranagar

  • Packers Movers Sarjapur Road

  • Packers Movers Hebbal

  • Packers Movers Malleshwaram

  • Packers Movers BTM Layout

  • Packers Movers JP Nagar

  • Packers Movers Jayanagar

  • Packers Movers Bansankari

  • Packers Movers Tumkur

  • Packers Movers Mysore

  • Packers Movers Nationwide

  • Packers Movers All India


When you are moving from Bangalore to another city in India, one of the biggest issue you face is transporting your Car. There are a lot of factors responsible for the mode of transport that you choose for your car such as the cost, safety level of transportation, and so on. Hiring the Best Car Carrier service in Bangalore provider is a wise decision. At Professional Express Movers Packers Bangalore, we help you with the shipment of your car across Indian safely, efficiently and at a reasonable price.

Having years of experience in car transportation industry, we provide logistical solutions that suit your needs and transport specifications. We transport cars of all shapes, sizes, registered, motorised, not moving, and other categories. Delivering cars interstate and nationwide wide, we are the experts in the routes like Bangalore to Delhi, Bangalore to Mumbai, Bangalore to Kolkata, Bangalore to Gurgaon, Bangalore to Pune, Bangalore to Ahmedabad and the country. We use the advance car carriers of various sizes and shapes for your transport needs.


Car carries are specially designed, customized container or non-container vehicle equipped with ramps and wheel jammers to be used for transportation for 4 Wheelers, Cars, SUV's etc within India. We, at  Car Transportation Companies Bangalore, use the best  and safest car carriers for hauling vehicles safely across India. Following are the different car carriers which we consider depending on the car type, number of cars, and the destination of the shipment.

1. Open Car Carriers

Everything from new cars to classic, project cars and salvage cars are moved using open car carriers. It is the two-level truck with hydraulic ramps which we use for adjusting as it holds up to 10 cars at a time. An open car carrier is also known as a car hauler and considered as one of the most affordable car carrier transport methods. However, these are almost out of service now and  only used for salvage cars, emergency situations or short distance transportation. These Open Car carriers are also suitcase for big SUV's  / MUV's which don't fit in the regular closed Car Carriers in Bangalore.

Car Carrier Services in Bengaluru, Best Car Transporters Bangalore, Car packers movers bangalore, Safe Car Transportation in Bangalore. Bangalore to Delhi Car Transportation
Packers Movers for Car Transportation

2. Single Car Haulers

If you want your car to be transported a short distance on brief notice or transporting a immovable or non-working condition car to a workshop or delivering a imported car from port to warehouse or customer location, then we use single-car carrier vehicle , also know as car towing vehicle. These are customize designed canter vehicles of 14-18 feet, which makes it convenient to navigate narrow city roads and reach steep driveways. These vehicle have hydraulic ramps for loading and unloading the car onto the vehicle and belts to secure it.  You can transport anything from a race car to an exotic car using our single car pickup vehicle. These are preferred vehicles for emergency on-road towing assistance.

3. Closed Car Carriers for Single Car

An closed car container vehicle is the best option when we consider moving high-value cars safely and on priority. It will protect your car from weather and prying eyes during transport. We use these trailers, so they cause no damage to your car as it is lower to the ground than an open car carrier. As a result, it allows low-clearance vehicles like race cars to be transported with ease. These container are specifically used to carry high value cars, exhibition or concept cars which require strict privacy, race and rally cars. Single Car carriers are also customized and best suited for on-road assistance as towing vehicle in cities and highways.

Car Towing Services Bangalore, Car packers movers in Bengaluru
Transporters for Vehicles Bangalore

4. Closed Multilevel Car Carriers

Closed multilevel car carriers is the most extensively used car carriers vehicles for Inter city and Nationwide movement of Cars and other Auto vehicle. These could be 5 car, 7 car or 10 car containers, equipped with loading ramps, wheel jammers and GPS systems ensuring complete safety of valuable personal vehicles for transportation to long destinations. Most Car companies use these same containers for transporting new cars from manufacturing facility to sale point showrooms in different city. Multilevel Car Carriers are custom build vehicles for exclusive transportation of Cars for long distance in the safest condition.


Once you have decided to move your favorite car, call or mail us with your requirements. Car moving costs can be easily confirmed over the phone or mail since most parameters of deciding the cost are constant. We require some information to share the cost of moving a car from Bangalore to anywhere in India.

  • Car make and Model

  • Origin and Destination Location (including pin code)

  • If the car is in working condition or immovable

  • Some other important information you wish to share

Professional Packers Movers Bangalore will arrange for door pickup of the vehicle, check and prepare a car condition documents stating the present condition of the car including scratches, dents, tools, wheels etc.  We would request for at least a 2-day notice to confirm your booking. Expedited services are available for rush shipments and time sensitive transports.  Based on mileage and road / border restrictions, once your vehicle has been picked up, it will be delivered within anywhere from one to ten days depending on the destination distance. There must be someone at the destination present to accept the vehicle and sign an inspection report. This person can be anyone over the age of 18.

The car has to be insured for transit damages. It should be noted that present comprehensive insurance coverage of your car does cover and damages during transit and delivery. Your Personal items are not insured if they are damaged or reported missing. Hence try not to place any personal items in your transported vehicle as these would unnecessarily delay the border/customs procedures

International Shipping - Car Transportation

Are you moving International? If you plan to shift your personal car along with household goods, its a rather straightforward process although it's not the most cheapest and economical thing to do.  Professional Express Movers will assist you in everything that you need to know to make it go as smoothly as possible so you can focus on your other major tasks. When moving International, sea freight is the most preferred option since Air Cargo shipping of Car is very expensive.

Car can be shipped overseas as FCL or as part of consolidated cargo. The fastest and most secure mode t quickest way to ship a car overseas is to book a sole shipping container. If you want to spend a little less, you could go with consolidated vehicle shipping (wherein your car shares a container with other vehicles going to the same destination), but this could greatly extend your timeline since the shipping company will need to wait for the container to fill up before sending it overseas.


How much does Car Transportation cost

International Relocation is quite stressful, expensive and time consuming process but thanks to reputable and reliable international car moving companies like Professional Express Movers, that's not exactly the same with international shipment of Car and Personal vehicles. We are fully licensed and registered moving company certified with multiple organization, having extensive capabilities to ensure effortless international shipping services.

Main Factors that determine the cost of CAR TRANSPORT CHARGES:

  • Car model and the manufacturer - One of most determining factor is model, make and manufacturer. The bigger the vehicle, the more space it would require and the more expensive it will be to ship it. Expensive and high end cars require special customized shipping arrangement to ensure safe transportation of Cars and Personal vehicles.

  • Distance of Transport - Distance is as important a factor in determining shipping charges as much car make and model. These 2 are the most important determinants. Sometimes same distances may have vast difference in moving charges due to other reasons like  The The shorter the distance the less expensive it will be to ship your car internationally. This is because the number of miles traveled is factored in.

  • Type of travel. Shipping your car by plane will be infinitely more expensive than shipping your car by boat. Boat shipping also offers several options, some more cost-effective than others (more on that below).

  • Time of year. Weather conditions both in the U.S. and the country of destination matter, like the winter weather conditions or a threat of a hurricane during the hurricane season. If you are on a flexible timeline, we recommend trying different times of the year when you gather your shipping quotes to see if you can lower the cost that way.

  • Economy vs. expedited shipping. Economy shipping takes longer but then it’s less expensive. Using expedited shipping reduces the time on the boat by several weeks but costs more.

  • Marine insurance. It’s always a good idea to purchase supplemental insurance that will protect your car (or more specifically, your investment in your car) when it’s on the open water, even if your shipping company does not require that you do. Check with your existing car insurance policyholder to see if they offer marine insurance. Your shipping company may have it as an add-on option as well. Otherwise, purchase marine insurance from a third party.

  • Destination charges. Once your car arrives at the port of your new country it will have to be trucked off of the freight carrier and safely navigated through customs. You’ll need an agent to do this for you, since you’re not permitted to do it yourself. Most shipping companies hire agents at the port or can guide you in the right direction of where to hire one. Expect to spend another $500-$800 or so for the service.


  • Customs duty. Customs duty is a tax charged on items that are shipped internationally. You’ll need to check with the port of the country you’re moving to in order to find out what their customs fees are. Generally, this fee is calculated as a total percentage of the item’s value.

  • Additional taxes and fees. Sales tax, processing fees and other additional charges may apply when you transport a car overseas. Your shipping company may be able to give you an idea of what to expect, but keep some wiggle room in your budget just in case.


Car Shipping from Bangalore

Professional Express Movers Car Transport


Experts and experienced in International shipping of Cars and Personal Vehicles. Complete documentation, Arranging local pickup upto the Port, shipping by registered containers services, custom clearance, safe payments and deliveries.

We drive your shipping with full responsibility

Car-Shipping-rates-Bangalore.png, car movers packers rates in Bangalore. Car Transport Charges in Bangalore.
Domestic-Car-Transportation-Bangalore.png, Car Transport Bangalore to Delhi Charges.
Car-Transportation-charges-Bangalore.png, Car Movers Packers rates in Bangalore
Car-Transport-Rates-Bangalore.png, Top car transport companies Bangalore.


Benefits of Hiring Professional Car Transport Services in Bangalore

Why should u consider hiring Professional Car transportation services to transport your personal Vehicle : We explain

If you are planning to  moving your Personal vehicles and car nationwide from one state to another, there are multiple ways to go about. Driving it yourself is the most obvious one. However, if you want to ensure that your vehicle arrives safely, it is best to consider professional car transport services. Knowing the car moving process minutely, we explain the benefits of hiring a car transportation company in Bangalore over other options:

1. Safe & Secure Transportation

The most obvious and appealing reason for hiring a professional car transport company is safe and secure transportation. These companies transport cars and other personal vehicles using customized and secure car container vehicles which can carry multiple cars. Car container vehicles are two tier vehicles equipped with hydraulic platforms and loading ramps, wheel jammers, security belts and other security features. The drivers and handlers are experienced to handle all kinds of cars securely.

2. Stressfree & convenient

Hiring professional car transport services ensures is a stress-free transportation of your valuable asset. A professional car transport company will take care of the complete moving process, including door pickup and door delivery of your vehicle, transportation, documentation and other aspects related to the moving process. They can pickup the car from your desired location, home or office or even airport and deliver to anywhere that you wish to, at a time convenient to you. While it is always cheaper to drive the car yourself, but it comes with risks and challenges.

3. Time Saving & Safe

Self driving or hiring a driver to drive your car from long distance is a stressful, time-consuming and risky affair. Car moving companies save you time so that you can concentrate on more important things. Car transportation companies also ensure that you can plan your schedule effectively and ask them to pickup or deliver the car as per you schedule.

4. Comparatively cost effective

Another benefit of hiring professional car transport services is that it can be a cost-effective solution. While it may seem more expensive initially, when you consider the cost of fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle, and the time and effort required to drive the vehicle yourself, hiring a professional car transport company can actually be a more cost-effective and time saving solution in the long run.

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