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What Are The Main Questions To Ask Packers And Movers?

Are you nervous about hiring packers and movers for relocation of your cherished household and personal goods  because you have heard lot of dreadful stories from your friends and others about the difficulties they have faced during packing and moving through unreliable, non-trustful and fly-by-night companies.

However, there is a solution to this problems faced by millions who plan to relocation locally, intercity or international.  DO YOUR RESEARCH AND ASK PERTINENT QUESTIONS FROM THE PACKERS AND MOVERS COMPANIES YOU PLAN TO HIRE. 

A good packing or moving company will be straight with you, making it clear what services they offer and what prices they charge. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dig around, though! 

Here are some important questions to ask your packers and movers before you hire them.  These queries should give you a clear idea of what you’re paying for before you spend the money, what to expect during the move and course of action if anything goes wrong. 

Cheated or mistreated by a Moving or Logistics Company??

To have the right answers to all your queries before you start the packing moving process, it is important to have right questions to be asked. A customer, however times they have moved, would never be able to identify situation and circumstances which may lead to difficult situations for them while relocating their household goods. And the packer movers company would always explain as little as possible,only the bare minimum and necessary, to its customers. This is where knowing the right questions help.

Packer Movers Bangalore
Asking the Right Questions

1. How can I Get an Accurate and Exact Estimate or Quotation?

Accurate costings and estimates of the most important aspect of packing and relocation  process. Knowing what to budget for a move is difficult for consumers, but that’s why a good moving company should inform and educate the customer about the services and related costs so that the customer can take an informed and reasonable decision. It’s important to know how the comlete expenses travel time from your old house to the new one, their coverage area, the cost of services, etc. 

All add-ons and services, such as stairs, travel time and more, should be included and laid out in the quote. For example, if you’re moving out of town, the first estimate you get should reflect any additional costs or fees for the distance!

When getting a quotation from packer mover in Bangalore, get at-least 3-4 quotations from different vendors. Check the breakup for costing and ensure the following costs are included:

1. Packing and packing material charges.

2. Loading Charges

3. Door to Door Transportation Charges

4.Unloading and Unpacking Charges

5. Insurance Charges. Depends on declared value of goods so calculate and keep the value of goods handy. Charging extra as Insurance charges is the most common cheating by Household goods packers movers companies.

6. GST or any other taxes.

7. Service Charges / Documentation or any other charges.

8. Warehousing Charges, if required.

9. Is the dismantling of furniture and removal of electronic goods included.

10. Charges for change in pickup or delivery schedule.

11. Charges if Lifts are not available at Loading and unloading points.

12. Toll Charges / Police Charges / Parking Charges for Transport Vehicle.

2. What Services do Packers & Movers provide?

There is a long distance to cover between an quote / estimate of costs ; and the final bill and this is where most moves gets dicey. One reason the moving industry gets a bad rap is that the worst companies spring expenses on their clients at the worst possible times. Some will even try to slip hidden costs into what they charge. Unfortunately, these red flags often come too late for the customer to go with another choice. 

When talking with the moving company, ask for a list of the services for which you will be paying. If their team needs to do a specific task that costs extra, they should let you know before they start any work, not right before the task needs doing. As a customer, you should have clear knowledge about availability of Lifts at pickup and delivery location and distance of lift / stairs from the loading unloading point where the vehicle will be parked.

Local and Domestic movers and packing companies provide certain standard services which include packing of goods, packing material and labour (manpower), transportation, loading and unloading of goods, unpacking and rearraning of goods, dismantling of regular furniture, removal of electronic goods like TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Microwave and refixing them at the destination location.

Movers Packers Bangalore Reviews and Rating - What our Customers Say

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Rishi Gupta, Senior VP, Rajhans Hospitality

"Professional Express Movers Packers Bangalore have been great help in moving of my personal goods from Bangalore to Mumbai. The packing team was amazing and did a awesome job with packing in a very professional way. They explained the process in such detail that we exactly knew what to expect next and the schedule was followed to the last word. Their customer service department and move coordinator kept you informed with regular update about the movement of vehicle and delivery schedule. The delivery was perfectly managed with the team taking care of everything that was required and everything was setup as instructed. We really appreciate the their services and wish them good luck for future."

3. Is Household goods insurance required while moving goods?

Absolutely yes. Proper insurance coverage is crucial and integral to the moving process. Your Household and Personal Goods should be adequately covered for risks during packing, transportation and handling.  Ask about the kind of insurance they offer, what it covers, and if you’ll need to pay extra for it. Discuss and understand the damages and liabilities covered, the claims process and the moving companies responsibilities. 

Insurance charges is one of the major way that packer mover companies cheat its customer. There are 2 most common insurance frauds - charging the customer for  but not actually insuring the goods and over estimating the value of goods thereby charging higher premium amount.

Top 5 Packer Mover in Bangalore. Best and Safe packers movers Bangalore.

4. Payment terms of Movers Packers Companies.

Reputed and reliable moving companies should be very open about their payment terms, mode of payments, payment schedules and every other payment related information. The movers or packers should also take most payment methods, including checks,  credit cards and online payments. Be very wary if a company that accepts a limited number of payment methods – especially if they only take cash – is a sign that you can’t trust the company. Clear, explained and detailed pay

5. Do Packers Movers pack everything?

Yes, Packers and Movers provides packing services for all goods including personal stuff, electronic and electrical goods, furniture, rugs and carpets, crockery and fragile goods, photo frames and other stuff. It is however advisable that the customer should pack some goods himself before the the packers move in. Things like personal clothing, important documents, expensive goods and some goods that u may need immediately at the destination location. Professional packers and movers staff shall advise you on the packing and moving process, the goods that you may want to pack etc. 

6. Why is Professional Express packers and movers most recommended packers movers brand on Google searches?

Professional Express packers and movers is one of the most recommended and trusted brands on Google searches. Google recommends Professional express packers and movers as one of the most trusted brands for packing moving services in Bangalore, household goods moving companies in Bangalore,  transportation companies in Bangalore, best packers movers in Bangalore, Professional and Safe packers movers in Bangalore. Professional packers movers is one the top listed companies in google search network. 

Established in 2002, we are amongst Top 10 movers packers companies with nationwide network of office and warehouses, trained and experienced manpower, latest handling equipment and well defined SOP's.

7. What is a pre-move survey? Is it mandatory?

Pre - move survey or in-house survey of goods is conducted by Professional Express packers and movers company in Bangalore where our move executive will take the inventory of all the items that you wish to move, discuss and understand your shifting and packing and moving requirements. Shifting companies in Bangalore provides free and non-binding survey and estimate  of costs / quotation.

Professional Express packers and movers can provide pre-move survey of goods by multiple methods, either by 1) Phone / Call  2) Email / Whatsapp  3) Physical survey of goods. 

All Packing Moving companies in Bangalore will take a brief survey of your items over the phone and provide the estimated home shifting charges in Bangalore. During an in-home survey, you can discuss your requirements in detail and have an idea about how they will perform your move. Pre-move survey is not exactly mandatory, but it is a good option to get it done, so that you’ll get accurate movers and packers rates in Bangalore and also be able to judge the reliability and capability of the movers before you hire them.

Packers Movers Bangalore charges

Average packers and movers charges in Bangalore for local shifting : Rs 5,000

Average packers and movers charges in Bangalore for domestic nationawide shifting : Rs. 30,000

The household goods packers and movers charges in Bangalore will be around Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 20,000 for local household shifting. The charges for packers and movers Bangalore for intercity household shifting starts from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 50,000 depending on the distance, size of the move, volume of goods, quality of packing materials used, and the date of shifting.

8. How to check whether your moving company is authentic or not?

When you are hiring packing and moving service provider for relocation, it is your responsibilty to verify the antecedent of that company and make sure its a genuine, trustworthy and professional company which has resources and proven track record. Here enlist below are some of those features-

  • Packers Movers License or Govt registrations : There is no license required for packing and moving / relocation or transport business in India. However, GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration and Trade Licenses are mandatory to conduct commercial business. You can ask the Company representative for their GST and Trade License and verify them online.

  • Experience and expertise.

  • Reputation and Recognition.

  • Assets and Network - Offices and Warehouses in different cities.

  • Quality of packaging material and equipment.

  • Manpower along with skills and training

  • Types of vehicles and carriers used for transportation of goods

  • Cost of their services compared to other similar companies.

  • Additional benefits and add-on services that they provide.

  • Payment terms offered and mode of payment.


When moving homes, it quite tempting for customer into believing that they can just do the packing of goods but also do the handling including loading and unloading of Household goods and transportation, more easily local moving of household goods.  It sometimes looks like quite easy and simple task, more so when u have few close friends and if are you are one of those minimalist person having few items to move. While packing and moving of  Household Goods looks like uncomplicated simple tasks but it brings with it is invisible stress and lot of running around.

There are couple of problem emanate for you. How do u safety dismantle furniture pieces, remove water filter, remove the water from refrigerator, lock washing machine drum, removed digital TV Antenna? Do u have tools and knowledge to do these things such that goods do not get damaged? Do u know how to refix them back? For packing the household goods yourself, you need to arrange and buy packing material yourself and know exactly what packing material do u need other than simple carton boxes and bubble wrap. There are household goods stuff which need more than just be put in boxes or some stuff where just wrapping would be enough or safe for transportation. While these things look quite obvious and straightforward, in reality they aren't. You have to exert oneself to research and discover packing material supplier and they may not be too close. Decide on what and how much packing material to buy since procuring more than required will result on wastage of packing material and increase your cost of moving which defeats the whole purpose of self packing and moving of goods. If you don't have the right answers to these very pertinent questions you could end up making very costly mistakes. This is one very compelling reasons to hire best movers packers in Bangalore.

So once the packing is done, now the next step is getting an appropriate vehicle for safe transportation of Household and Personal Goods. While there are many online and offline resources to find  a vehicle for transportation but that just solves half the dilemma of finding the vehicle, but the question still remains what size or kind of vehicle would be appropriate for transportation of your packed household goods. Some other question to look answers for is Will they help you load and unload your good? And if they are doing loading and unloading of goods, who's responsible if there is a damage to goods or pilferage or something is missing? Since you don't exactly how much time it would take for packing and loading of goods onto the vehicle, what about the increase in cost if the vehicle is engaged more than the hired period? Where  do you get a replacement vehicle from if your vehicle breaks down or doesn't even show up at the confirmed time? These are some questions you need to ponder before going ahead with the idea of doing the relocation yourself. Here's where the moving packers company Bangalore takes the responsibility and makes thing easy for you.   The packing and moving company in Bangalore usually will take care of all these issues and leave you with nothing to worry about. They will choose the right vehicle you require, they will help with the move from start to finish and not just loading and unloading. 


The benefits of hiring Moving Packing Companies in Bangalore are far higher than the bucks that you may save by doing the moving yourself. They not only cut down costs, but they also reduce stress and running around. Professional Express packers movers Bangalore also provides Pre and post relocation assistance which includes advice on pre-move preparations, getting references for Electrician, Plumber and other handyman services providers.

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